Wednesday, September 6, 2017

800,000 Heroic People

A quote from a professor describing just one of the 800,000 dreamers:
"I know a guy. He's a good kid, 19, maybe 20. Gets good grades, has a part-time job that helps pay college tuition. And taxes. Works hard, speaks up in class when appropriate, and helps his classmates when they need it. Funny and interesting. He could go very far in life. But a xenophobic, racist, bully wants to force him to "return" to a country he left at age 6 months, where he's never visited, that uses a language he doesn't speak, with a culture he doesn't understand. And where there are no jobs for college educated software engineers. 
"Today, I am crying for this kid. We are threatening to ruin his life because of a decision his parents made 19 years ago. He's a good kid and an asset to my country. If you knew this kid you would want to keep him too."

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