Monday, August 15, 2011

Other August 15 Events

Amazing how many things happened on this date!
  • The first refugees from Nazi Germany arrived in the Shanghai Ghetto on August 15, 1938. Many more arrived between November 1938 (after Kristallnacht) and June, 1941. The story of this temporary community and how it survived is an interesting one.
  • The right-wing and thus at times antisemitic festival of the Virgin Mary is celebrated in France on August 15.
  • It's Evelyn's birthday -- happy birthday!
  • It's Julia Child's birthday too, August 15, 1912. No Jewish content here, but she's definitely a hero of mine.
  • Hollywood premiere of the Judy Garland "Wizard of Oz" -- August 15, 1939. Jewish content? It's a stretch, but some attribute the theme of "Over the Rainbow" to Jewish longings in the lyricist Harburg and musician Arlen.

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