Saturday, May 7, 2011

"Mona in the Promised Land" Published May 7, 1996

Author Gish Jen published the novel Mona in the Promised Land on May 7, 1996. Mona, the title character, is the daughter of two Chinese immigrants, but she decides to become Jewish, as most of her friends are. Mona's parents have already bought a home in a Jewish suburb because they think that Chinese are the “new Jews” and that by sending their children to the schools there they will give them a better education. It's a very funny and also insightful book.

Jen’s birth name was Lillian, but she renamed herself Gish in honor of Lillian Gish – another reason to like her! I can't find Gish Jen's birthday, though she appears to have been born in 1955.

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